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United States Permanent Residents Who Travel Abroad Frequently for Extended Periods of Time may Lose Their Residency Status

International travel for a US Resident can be tricky especially if you travel often and for extended periods of time. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) may deem you to have abandoned your Legal Permanent Residence status. CBP can question you to determine if you have abandoned your residency through your actions or inactions. CBP will look at your travel history, purpose of travel, and length of each trip. Call the Law Offices of Olga M. Arandia, P.C. for an immediate consultation. Speak directly with an immigration attorney call (718) 263-2100. Se habla Español.

Are You a Legal Permanent Resident of the United States and Wish to Travel Abroad for an Extended Period?

Each time you travel abroad as a Legal Permanent Resident, depending on the frequency and length of trips abroad, you may risk losing your Legal Permanent Residency upon inspection by Customs and Border Patrol.

Do not take the risk and abandon your Legal Permanent Residency Status. You may travel abroad for up to two years without risk of losing your LPR status. If you know that you will have to travel for an extended period of time for personal/work reasons call our office at (718) 263-2100 for further assistance; you may have to apply for a re-entry permit prior to leaving the United States.

These permits can be used for absences of periods of up to two years at a time and are often used when a family member has an illness and needs assistance. Having this reentry permit should allow you back into the United States without a problem.

If you plan to be out of the United States for an extended period, six months or more I recommend that you call the Law Offices of Olga M. Arandia, P.C. at (718) 263-2100 and schedule a consultation before making any travel plans. My office is centrally located in Queens County and can provide assistance for this and all your family based immigration needs.

We understand the importance of family and the desire to spend time with family in your native country. We also understand how hard you have worked to become a United States Resident and the sacrifices involved. For these and many other reasons our law firm wants to ensure that the time you spend abroad is stress free and your re-entry into the United States seamless. Contact Queens County immigration attorney at the Law Offices of Olga M. Arandia, P.C. to schedule a consultation. Call now (718) 263-2100. Hablamos Español.

Cancellation of Removal for Non-Permanent Residents

Are you in deportation proceedings?
Contact the Law Offices of Olga M. Arandia, P.C. conveniently located in Queens County. Call for an initial consultation at (718) 263-2100.

Are you in removal proceedings/deportation proceedings? This is always a serious situation and even more so when minor children, born in the United States, are a part of your family; much is at stake.

The thought of being separated from your children and your spouse is daunting and overwhelming. You want to stay in the United States and we want to help you stay here. Call the Law Offices of Olga M. Arandia, P.C. and speak with an immigration attorney today. Call (718) 263-2100 for a consultation.

If continuous presence in the Unites States for a period of ten years or more can be established, proof can be provided that your United States born children and/or your United States Citizen spouse will suffer hardship if you are deported call The Law Offices of Olga M. Arandia, P.C. at (718) 263-2100. We want to help you fight your removal/deportation. We can help you obtain legal residency status.

If you are an individual in good moral standing, you meet the above basic requirements and there is evidence that your removal/deportation will result in exceptional and extreme hardship to a qualifying relative who are United States citizens or legal permanent residents, an immigration judge has the discretion to cancel your deportation and grant you Legal Permanent Residence.

Key to succeeding in a removal/deportation proceeding pending is being able to convince the immigration judge, through a showing of evidence, that you are an individual of good moral standing and should you be deported your United States born children or spouse will suffer extreme, exceptional and unusual hardship. We understand what unusual and extreme hardship is in the immigration context.

It is not enough to show you have a qualifying relative that would suffer hardship, the proof must show suffering to the degree that goes beyond the common financial, medical and cultural hardships normally associated with separation or family relocation; the applicant must show suffering of the exceptional and extraordinary kind to the qualifying family member and must show they a person of good moral standing.

Essential to succeeding in a removal/deportation proceeding is having an immigration attorney who understands the burden of proof involved and will personally assist you in preparing for court.

Contact the Law Offices of Olga M. Arandia, P.C. at (718) 263-2100 to schedule a consultation.

Do not leave it up to chance. This is your life and your family’s future. We are here for you, we hear you and will be with you every step of the way.


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