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New York Family Law and Immigration Lawyer

A Queens & Long Island Lawyer who Listens and Cares

The Law Office of Olga Arandia, Esq., conveniently located in Queens County and easily accessible by public transportation or by car, is a boutique law firm with a no-nonsense approach towards Family, Matrimonial and Immigration Law. We have been servicing Queens County, New York County, Kings County, Bronx County and Westchester County for over twenty-five years. No language interpreter required here; staff and attorneys speak English and Spanish fluently.

It's All About You!

Our Queens immigration lawyer understands each client is different and wants their story to be heard. We listen to you and adjust our approach to meet your individual legal needs to reach your desired outcome. It is not about us; it is about you!

Twenty-Five Years Experience Practicing in Queens, Bronx, New York and Kings Counties

With over twenty-five years of experience practicing matrimonial, family and immigration law throughout the states of New York and New Jersey, I understand both the emotional and financial strain that comes with any legal action.

As a New York attorney with offices based in Queens County, I have a keen understanding of the ever changing legal, financial, social and family dynamic. Catering to the changing needs of our clients, we understand the importance of accessibility and the needs of our growing community. We listen to you, we hear you, and we work for you.

Demystifying New York Matrimonial Law

Recent changes to New York’s Matrimonial law now make temporary spousal maintenance mandatory; gone are the days of ‘life time spousal maintenance.” This change could spell disaster for a client or a boon for a client. Do not wait and do not resort to self-help you may be giving up your rights to spousal maintenance; time is not on your side. Contact Queens County matrimonial law attorney Olga Arandia for assistance.

When New York Family Law Meets Immigration Law
Conditional Residency and Divorce

Whether you are getting married and seeking adjustment of status or getting divorced and have conditional residential status I can help you. Call and make an appointment for an in-person consultation. Failing to remove the conditions of your residency, as required by immigration, law may result in the loss of your residency. Even if you divorce before two years of marriage you can and must remove the conditions of your residency. Call and make an appointment to discuss your legal options.

Married but Came to the United States Illegally; not to Worry Legal Residency is Within Your Reach; Call Now to Schedule an Appointment

Legal Resident Status is within in your reach even if you crossed the border without a visa. If you qualify you can obtain a waiver for illegal presence, avoid excludability periods and become a Legal Permanent Resident. This office has not only been successful in obtaining illegal presence waivers for our clients but our Queens immigration attorney has also corrected many denied requests filed by other attorneys.

Have a United Sates citizen or resident spouse or parent, do not wait another day. Call now to apply for an I601A waiver and cure your illegal presence status.

Presently, the office located in Queens County has a 99% success rate in obtaining provisional waivers for illegal presence.


Become a United States Legal Resident by Court Order

If you find yourself in removal proceedings you can request cancellation of removal even if you are here illegally. If you have been living in the United States for a continuous period of ten years or more and are married or have a child or spouse who is a United States Resident or United States Citizen a showing of extreme and exceptional hardship to your qualifying spouse or child may put a green card in your hands by order of an Immigration Judge. Call now to discuss your case with a Queens immigration lawyer.

The Law Office of Olga M. Arandia Prides Itself in Making Your Legal Journey Seamless
Client Reviews
My experience working with Olga Arandia during one of the most difficult periods of my life cannot be put into words. From my initial consultation, I knew that I had made an excellent choice. Olga was very knowledgeable and dependable and also ensured that I understood every aspect of my case. Her expectations were realistic and we were able to achieve the outcome I desired. I highly recommend Olga Arandia, Esq. ! Keith A.
Olga FIGHTS plain and simple. The only call you need to make with your court issues. I did 20 years ago to help me get custody of my 3 children who have turned into 3 well adjusted adults with a college education. My youngest just graduated from Syracuse University. I️ could never thank her enough. Bill F.
Invito a todos mis amigos a que visiten la oficina de la abogada Olga Arandia,lo unico que les garantizo que ella lucha desde el comienzo hasta el final obteniendo los mejores resultados en tu defensa.En mi caso estoy tan agradecido y contento con su trabajo profesional ,ella lucha bien fuerte para ofrecer la mejor representacion legal ante un juez ,muy seria,responsable y sobretodo te siente como en familia con ella. Jalberto P.
It takes just a phone call to know this Attorney will get your job done! Jacqui B.
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